Welcome to Shanantina

Shanantina maintains a close relationship with its raw material suppliers, betting on sustainable agriculture, which contributes to recovering and preserving the environment in which it develops, which is economically viable and socially responsible.

Since our beginnings we were convinced that we could not walk this path alone, as a company detached from the environment in which it develops, far from the concerns and difficulties that producers have,…

...so based on our principles and values ​​we decided to establish a close relationship with them.



Shanantinas story can be summed up in three words: Principles, innovation and tolerance. Although it is true that the possibility of settling in the Peruvian Amazon did not pass through our minds, we both developed our careers and daily activities in the capital of Peru, but it was just that bustle and that crazy day to day in the capital that made us look for other options. In the winter of 2006, Carolina made a short trip to the San Martín region. Upon her return, the bug of organic agriculture was already haunting her mind, remembering her practices in Casa Blanca bioagriculture in Pachacamac, for my part totally detached from the agriculture because of my construction activities, tired of traveling to different parts of the country, the day-to-day struggle to survive in the world of construction with its unions and natural problems of the activity, made us decide to invest in Our Amazon.

Already in San Martín and looking for a place to establish ourselves, we heard about the sacha inchik and its properties, looking for information we met the Biologist Cesar Valles, promoter of the sacha inchik research and true pioneer in its commercial development, it is he who selflessly provides us with information and investigations, and made us look towards Lamas, land of the Chancas, to establish ourselves and develop our incipient agricultural activity. It was in October 2007 that we conceived our eldest son Shanantina, this little one was born a true champion, because to develop our research activities, we required personnel, investment for the research plots and others, for which we entered the INCAGRO contest. , a successful project of the Ministry of Agriculture, we achieved our first project, then came CONCYTEC and others that helped us shape and draw the horizon for our little one.